1 John exists as a kind of quiz for believers to take to ensure them that they possess eternal life (1John 5:13). By looking at the characteristics John attributes to a person who knows Jesus, believers are able to come to assurance that they have authentic faith.  This is importantRead More →

It was the Spring of 2000 and I was settling into a ministry in a new location.  Our church had a professional level copier/printer/fax machine and I had just purchased a new computer.  Our office was networked so the machines could communicate with one another but I was having troubleRead More →

The  bible is full of paradox and it is too late this evening to try and point out more than a few.  The Beatitudes, the introduction Jesus’ first sermon, is declaration that His kingdom and its citizens will break every assumption about reality of every earthly kingdom in history.  JesusRead More →

In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul responds to accusations by a group referring to themselves as “super apostles”.  These men were using Paul’s persecution as evidence that against him that God’s hand of blessing was not on Paul and therefore, whatever authority Paul may have had was now transferred to them. Read More →

There are different opinions surrounding the possession and use of spiritual gifts.  Some in the church today place a tremendous amount of emphasis on what are commonly referred to as the “charismatic gifts.”  These gifts include acts of healing, words of knowledge, prophecy and tongues.  On the other hand, someRead More →

The arrival of Jesus onto the scene in Mark 1 is brisk, even shocking.  Mark uses the word “immediately” 9 times to indicate how Jesus burst onto the scene.  The beginning of Jesus’ ministry caused waves.  Sudden healings, power exorcisms, and authoritative teaching characterize the way Mark portrays Jesus.  ByRead More →

In Acts 27 we find the apostle Paul under arrest and sailing towards Rome to speak to Caesar.  By all outward appearances, Paul is under the control of the soldiers responsible for getting the ship’s prisoners to Rome.  The passage makes clear however that Paul is actually being moved byRead More →

Before Acts 13 the gospel had spread either as a result persecution (Acts 8) or divine intervention (Acts 10).  In Acts 13 we find the leaders of the church of Antioch gathered in a state of fasting and worship.  The group was made up of five men who were classifiedRead More →