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  • Choose to Rejoice

    The  bible is full of paradox and it is too late this evening to try and point out more than a few.  The Beatitudes, the introduction Jesus’ first sermon, is declaration that His kingdom and its citizens will break every assumption about reality of every earthly kingdom in history.  Jesus

  • Paul’s Leadership Integrity

    In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul responds to accusations by a group referring to themselves as “super apostles”.  These men were using Paul’s persecution as evidence that against him that God’s hand of blessing was not on Paul and therefore, whatever authority Paul may have had was now transferred to them. 

  • Spiritual Gifts

    There are different opinions surrounding the possession and use of spiritual gifts.  Some in the church today place a tremendous amount of emphasis on what are commonly referred to as the “charismatic gifts.”  These gifts include acts of healing, words of knowledge, prophecy and tongues.  On the other hand, some